A fateful summoning

Our battle against the zombies.

Ah now were was I? oh yeah graverobber! so we headed down this passage way and some berk of a graverobber said we can't nick anything down this tunnel because he has rights. So after a bit of persuasion by all of us he soiled 'im self and made a sharp exit..We then headed down the afore mentioned tunnel through a lovely looking hall towards a set of double doors. Now me bein' the cautious type I am ( I can't exactly make a living being dead now can I ) I tells everyone to stand back while I have a look at it.while I am in the middle of checkin the door, that big bloomin idiot Mikal decides I have had enough time and decides to boot it in, Lucky for him there wasn't a trap or a load of goblins the other side. Through the double doors was a big open room with a river runnin through it and you guessed it another door. Mikal being the smart arse that he was decided that ifit worked once he could do it again, so he kicked the doors in only to cover us all in dust and he nearly caved the roof in on our 'eads.

I decided to scout ahead and see if there was any traps, luckly for me there wasn’t but as we entered into a big room Mask sensed somethin’ and the next thing we know we were ambushed by aload o’ zombies!( I know zombies! I thought these things bloody weren’t supposed to be smart? ) lucky for me I got behind some cover before they saw me and motioned for everyone to get in the doorway so we could take ‘em one at a time. Unlucky for Mikal and Farruk they were surrounded, Mikal decided to run for it and got attacked on the way through, while Farruk sang a song to spur us on. The power from his voice was so amazing it bowled one of em over! ( he can hold a tune let me tell you ) Unluckly for that zombie I was behind it ( bugger didn’t drop though ).Mask said some mombo jumbo and next thing I know a big ball of fire was headin towards me! I jumped out the way but not before me arse got scorched a little. (it made short work of the zombies though). Solomon carved two zombies in half with one swipe! boy I wouldn’t like to get on his bad side thats for sure. Mikal finished a few off ’n all for a paladin in heavy armor he can move some. After a bit more more argey bargey they dropped like a cheap prossies knickers.

After gettin our breath back and checkin on the zombies, we found some gold on ‘em!( who said you can’t take money with you eh? ). We decided to move on and crossed another bridge over a river, all of a sudden we can ‘ear fighing in the room ahead of us….anyways…gasp…I’ll tell you the rest later, if I live, got a horde of undead chasing me arse..

- Rigo



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