The History of Generaon

Generon is a large southern conitent, with a warm northern and cold southern lands. All major races are present on the continent, and while there is much movement and trade between them, there are still kingdoms that are made up of the majority of a single race.

Magic has always been present here, more so than anywhere else on the world, but it was only when a great evil was unleashed on the world that things began to change. with this evil came a rapid infestation of Demons, who made deals with the mortals in exchange for passage and the ability to exist on this plane.

The demons soon became a force to be recconed with, and as more and more powerful people became Dealers, the strength and numbers of these creatures in our world became greater.

The demon war was inevitable, and soon all the continent was on fire. to prevent this conflict from spreading to the rest of the world, the great wizard Polarion cast a spell that formed a never ending storm around the entire continent, no ship has since made it through the storm wall.

Once the war ended, all the Dealers were sent south east, into the land that had been blasted clean by magic – with them went all the Teiflings, spawn of Dealers and mortals, and the Shifters, who as a race had been some of the strongest supporters of the demons. they no eak out a megre existance in the tundra of the south, surviving by offering the only thing that they have left of value – their souls.
The lack of any real magical power and their sparse numbers stops them from threatening the rest of the continent, but this does not mean all is at peace.

In the northern races, many are still willing to make deals to gain power, and if enough powerful people do so, then a second demon war could be in the offing. This has lead to a culture of fear amoungt the people, and witchhunts are common. the occasional shifter or telfling is tollerated, but never fully trusted.

The History of Generaon

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