Rigo Milltall

The partys dashing halfling rogue..


Slightly red hair spiky, green eyes, charming smile (well he seems to think so)wears a long brown trench coat with a black leather vest underneath. Has a belt pouch on either side of his waist for his shruikens and thieves tools, has a dagger strapped to his calf (which has got him out of some scrapes in the past).

Rigo Milltall, level 2
Halfling, Rogue
Build: Trickster Rogue
Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger
Rogue: Rogue Weapon Talent

Str 12, Con 13, Dex 18, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 16.

Str 12, Con 13, Dex 16, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 14.

AC: 18 Fort: 13 Reflex: 18 Will: 15
HP: 30 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 7

Stealth +10, Thievery +12, Insight +6, Streetwise +9, Perception +6, Acrobatics +12

Arcana +1, Bluff +4, Diplomacy +4, Dungeoneering +1, Endurance +2, Heal +1, History +1, Intimidate +4, Nature +1, Religion +1, Athletics +2

Level 1: Backstabber
Level 2: Weapon Expertise (Light Blade)

Rogue at-will 1: Deft Strike
Rogue at-will 1: Sly Flourish
Rogue encounter 1: Positioning Strike
Rogue daily 1: Trick Strike
Rogue utility 2: Agile Footwork

Ki Dagger +1, Luring Withdrawal Leather Armor +1, Amulet of Protection +1, Adventurer’s Kit, Dagger (2), Thieves’ Tools, Shuriken (5)


Has been a wanderer for a good 12 years after being exiled (more like had to leave because he was going to get murdered)from his village for being caught with someone he shouldn’t have on their wedding night. (hey it was the mayors daughter, he knows some BAD people!). Since wandering around he has picked up some life skills and is a people person, which can help him get out of some sticky situations when he does get caught. He has a great out look on life and his glass is always half full (which can be great as a halfling because glasses are always bigger). A good friend to have and a dangerous enemy to be against. Has been in a few thieves guilds along the years and helps them out when needs be (and the pay is right) , but only kills when he has to.

Rigo Milltall

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