A fateful summoning

Our first battle!

Well, the day start off badly wiv me bangin me noggin on the underside of a tavern table because some cheeky sod prodded me leg ( I found out the prodder was a warrior called Solomon who I owed a drink to ) . I then met his mate a paladin called Mikal, supposedly I had a drink wiv him the night before as well ( I will take their word for it, I don’t remember nuthin or the sort! but to be honest these were big fellas and I’m not as stupid as I look )

One of them mention something about some stupid wizardy tart sending em back over the wall. ( I mean, why would they want to go back over there with all those bloody demons! ). They had to find ‘er! now I knows what yer thinkin’ why would you get involved Rigo! well yer see one of em, I think it was Mikal mentioned, there would be a fair bit of coin in it for a rogue as good as meself (anything beats the bloody ale in this hole). They had tracked ‘er to some mine or other ( I can’t remember the name of it, I was still a little abbreviated with a bloody bangin’ ed )

We were then joined by a wizard bird called Mask who said she’d help too ( I think she came because she had the ‘ots for me, she also happened to know the way as well mind ). There was also a Bard in the tavern called Farruk, who was listenin to us all talkin and he said he would like to right a song about us in our adventure! ( he wouldn’t mind a cut of the gold either I’m bettin’ )

So we set off down into the caves and got a bit of unwanted aggro off some dumb graverobbers who Solomon and Mikal ( they were the big fellas I was drinking with in the bar, come on now keep up! ).. I will tell you the rest later…I am kinda upto my neck in a horde of zombies at the moment.

Up against a zombie horde!

Our first battle together

Run Farruk run!



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